Basic Science

Neuroanatomy Text and Atlas, Fourth Edition

By: John Martin

ISBN: 0071603964 / 9780071603966

Key Features

  • Completely revised and updated to reflect advances in clinical neuroanatomy and neural science

  • Builds knowledge of the regional and functional organization of the spinal cord and brain, one system at a time

  • Provides thorough coverage of the sensory, motor, and integrative systems of the brain, together with cerebral vasculature

  • Promotes understanding of the complex details of neuroanatomy needed for astute interpretation of radiological images

  • Authoritative content enhanced by informative line illustrations, brain views produced by MRI and PET imaging technology and angiography, and myelin-stained histological sections

  • Comprehensive atlas provides key views of the surface anatomy of the central nervous system and photographs of myelin-stained sections in three anatomical planes

  • Includes features such as clinical topic boxes, chapter summaries, and a Glossary of key terms and structures