Basic Science

Medical Biochemistry: The Big Picture

Lee W. Janson, Marc Tischler

ISBN: 9780071637916 / 0071637915

Table of Contents

Section I: The Basic Molecules of Life

Chapter 1. Amino Acids and Proteins
Chapter 2. Carbohydrates
Chapter 3. Lipids
Chapter 4. Nucleosides, Nucleotides, DNA, and RNA

Section I: Integrated USMLE-Style Questions and Answers

Section II: Functional Biochemistry

Chapter 5. Enzymes and Amino Acid/Protein Metabolism
Chapter 6. Carbohydrate Metabolism
Chapter 7. Lipid Metabolism
Chapter 8. Membranes
Chapter 9. DNA/RNA Function and Protein Synthesis

Section II: Integrated USMLE-Style Questions and Answers

Section III: Applied Biochemistry

Chapter 10. Metabolism and Vitamins/Minerals
Chapter 11. The Digestive System
Chapter 12. Muscles and Motility
Chapter 13. Connective Tissue and Bone
Chapter 14. Blood
Chapter 15. The Immune System
Chapter 16. The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 17. The Respiratory System
Chapter 18. The Urinary System
Chapter 19. The Nervous System
Chapter 20. The Reproductive System

Section III: Integrated USMLE-Style Questions and Answers

Section IV: Appendices

Appendix I: Biochemical Basis of Diseases
Appendix II: Biochemical Methods
Appendix III: Organic Chemistry Primer