Clincical Medicine and Integrated Science

Smith's Patient Centered Interviewing:
An Evidence-Based Method, Third Edition

By: Robert C. Smith, Auguste H. Fortin, Francesca C. Dwamena, Richard M. Frankel

ISBN: 0071760008 / 9780071760003

Table of Contents

Instructors’ Preface
Chapter 1: The Medical Interview

Chapter 2: Data-Gathering and Relationship-Building Skills

Chapter 3: The Beginning of the Interview: Patient-Centered Interviewing

Chapter 4: Symptom-Defining Skills

Chapter 5: The Middle of the Interview: Clinician-Centered Interviewing

Chapter 6: Step 11: The End of the Interview

Chapter: Adapting the Interview to Different Situations and Other Practical Issues

Chapter 8: The Clinician–Patient Relationship

Chapter 9: Summarizing and Presenting the Patient’s Story


Appendix A Foreword to the First Edition

Appendix B Research and Humanistic Rationale for Patient-Centered Interviewing

Appendix C Feelings and Emotions

Appendix D Complete Write-up of Mrs Jones' Initial Evaluation

Appendix E Mental Status Evaluation