Basic Science

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

12th Edition
Bertram G. Katzung,
Anthony J. Trevor,
Susan B. Masters
ISBN: 0071764011 / 9780071764018

New Key Features of the 12th Edition!

  • More than 300 full-color illustrations

  • Emphasis is placed on discussion of drug groups and prototypes within each chapter

  • NEW case studies open several chapters, adding clinical relevance to the material

  • NEW case study answers at the end of the chapters provide an introduction to the clinical application of the drugs discussed

  • NEW drug summary tables conclude most chapters, providing a concise summary of the most important drugs

  • Expanded coverage of general concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters

  • Lists of the commercial preparations available, including trade and generic names and dosage formulations, are provided at the end of each chapter

  • Selection of the material and order of presentation is based on the authorís years of experience in teaching this material to thousands of students

  • Material is organized according to the sequence used in most pharmacology courses

  • ters, Ph.D. and Anthony J. Trevor, Ph.D. enrich the text with their experience and expertise