Clincical Medicine and Integrated Science

Nephrology in 30 Days

Robert Reilly
Mark Perazella

ISBN: 9780071788403 / 0071788409

Key Features

  • New formulas for estimating glomerular filtration rate

  • The role of WNK kinases in distal tubular sodium and potassium handling

  • Revised hyponatremia guidelines

  • The use of vaptans for clinical use

  • Newly reported forms of metabolic acidosis

  • The role FGF-23 and Klotho play in phosphorus homeostasis

  • Concerns about the use of erythropoietic stimulating agents

  • Approaches to and classification of both chronic kidney disease and acute kidney injury

  • Discussion of urinalysis and urine microscopy in the evaluation of kidney disease

  • New forms of tubulointerstitial disease such as immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4)-related disease

  • The pathological classification of systemic lupus nephritis and other glomerular diseases

  • The mechanisms and causes of essential and secondary forms of hypertension