Clincical Medicine and Integrated Science

The Patient History: Evidence-Based Approach

By: Mark Henderson, Lawrence Tierney, Gerald W. Smetana, Gerald Smetana

ISBN: 0071624945 / 9780071624947

The definitive evidence-based introduction to patient history-taking

For medical students and other health professions students, an accurate differential diagnosis starts with The Patient History. The ideal companion to major textbooks on the physical examination, this trusted guide is widely acclaimed for its skill-building, and evidence based approach to the medical history.

Now in full color, The Patient History defines best practices for the patient interview, explaining how to effectively elicit information from the patient in order to generate an accurate differential diagnosis. The second edition features all-new chapters, case scenarios, and a wealth of diagnostic algorithms. Introductory chapters articulate the fundamental principles of medical interviewing. The book employs a rigorous evidenced-based approach, reviewing and highlighting relevant citations from the literature throughout each chapter.