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Understanding Value Based Healthcare

Vineet Arora, Christopher Moriates, Neel Shah

ISBN: 0071816984 / 9780071816984

Provide outstanding patient care while navigating the complexities of healthcare reform with this comprehensive, engagingly written guide

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The book is a masterful primer for all clinicians—especially those of us hoping to navigate the transition from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare without running aground.” Atul Gawande, MD, MPH.
Surgeon, Professor, and author of Being Mortal and The Checklist Manifesto

This book is an instant classic. It masterfully summarizes and makes accessible a mountain of relevant health care delivery research. And it gives front-line clinicians and other health care leaders a raft of practical ideas to help make care dramatically safer, more patient-focused, and more affordable."
Donald Berwick, MD
President Emeritus and Senior Fellow, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

What is value? Why is it so hard to achieve in healthcare, when it is the standard in most other industries? How can we overcome the obstacles and achieve a value-based system? With dozens of real-life stories of encounters with our broken health system, this book offers valuable insights into these questions and more. It is a must-read for everyone from student to frontline clinician to system leader who wants to contribute to the successful transformation to value-based care.
Vivian Lee, PhD, MD, MBA
CEO, University of Utah Healthcare

Understanding Value-Based Healthcare is a succinct, interestingly written primer on the core issues involved in maximizing the efficacy and outcomes of medical care when cost is a factor in the decision-making process. Written by internationally recognized experts on cost- and value-based healthcare, this timely book delivers practical and clinically focused guidance on one of the most debated topics in medicine and medicine administration today.

Understanding Value-Based Healthcare is divided into three sections:

Section 1 Introduction to Value in Healthcare lays the groundwork for understanding this complex topic. Coverage includes the current state of healthcare costs and waste in the USA, the challenges of understanding healthcare pricing, ethics of cost-conscious care, and more.
Section 2 Causes of Waste covers important issues such as variation in resource utilization, the role of technology diffusion, lost opportunities to deliver value, and barriers to providing high-value care.
Section 3 Solutions and Tools discusses teaching cost awareness and evidence-based medicine, the role of patients, high-value medication prescribing, screening and prevention, incentives, and implementing value-based initiatives.

The authors include valuable case studies within each chapter to demonstrate how the material relates to real-world situations faced by clinicians on a daily basis.

Author comments

Christopher Moriates Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, Director of Implementation Initiatives, Costs of Care, Inc.
Vineet Arora
Associate Professor and Director of GME Clinical Learning Environment Innovation, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Director of Education Initiatives, Costs of Care, Inc.
Neel Shah
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Founder and Executive Director, Costs of Care, Inc.